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Rua D. José da Cruz Moreira Pinto, 32
3510 - 078 Viseu


+351 232 439 600 

Opening Hours

Information Desk

Domingo a Quinta

10:00 - 22:00

Sextas, Sábados e vésperas de Feriado
10:00 - 23:00


Domingo a Quinta

10:00 - 22:00

Sextas, Sábados e vésperas de Feriado
10:00 - 23:00

Pingo Doce Hypermarket

08:00 - 21:00




Domingo a Quinta
10:00 - 22:00
Sexta, Sábado e antes de Feriados
10:00 - 23:00


08:00 - 01:00



Cinema Box Office

Domingo a Quinta
13:00 - 22:00
Sexta e Sábado
13:00 - 24:00



Flores Quiosque M&M - Piso 1

TTRW - Reparação e manutenção de telemóveis - Piso 0

Funny Mobile - Acessórios para telemóveis e tablets - Piso 2

ACIUM - Jóias de aço - Piso 2

Boticário - Cosméticos e Perfumes - Piso 2

Dominó Brigadeiros - Produtos artesanais - Piso 2

Useful Informations

Useful Numbers

Viseu Municipality:
Tel: (+351) 232 427 427
São Teotónio Hospital - Viseu:
Tel: (+351) 232 420 500
Viseu Municipal Police:
Tel: (+351) 232 418 991
Viseu Municipal Firefighters:
Tel: (+351) 232 420 390
Viseu Volunteer Firefighters:
Tel: (+351) 232 422 047 / 232 436 812
Tel: (+351) 232 425 444
Bus Station:
Tel: (+351) 232 427 493
Tourism Office:
Tel: (+351) 232 420 950


About the Shopping Center

Forum Viseu opened on September 2005, owned by CA Património Crescente – Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário Aberto, was the first shopping centre bringing in to Viseu market important exclusive brands, such as Inditex Group and Lusomundo Cinemas. The retail area provides 49 units with 19.500 m2 of GLA and a modern Parking with 800 Car Places. Forum Viseu is positioned as "The Place" in the city, a notorious centre with an urban and "cool" environment where everything fashionable happens.


Forum Viseu is made up of two independent urban blocks, linked together by a central square, the result of the reformulation work completed in 2015, and which ensures connection to the upper levels through escalators, pedestrian stairs and a panoramic elevator. Multi Development invited the prestigious Catalan architect, Prof. Joan Busquets, to work on this project, highlighting the integration of Forum Viseu in the city center. Particular attention was also paid to the use of granite stone (typical of the region), in order to better integrate this project into the urban fabric of the old town of Viseu.


Forum Viseu is ISO 14001 accredited by Lloyd's, for which it is our commitment to send all of our waste for treatment and recycling. All of our internal procedures respect the environmental policy, so in order to diminish our ecological impact we strive to reduce our daily energy consumption. Due to our politics, we promote the application of the best environmental practices together with our suppliers, as well as with the regional and local community.



Where are the public phones?
There is a public telephone: on Floor 1, next to the toilet.
Where are the ATM terminals?
The ATM terminals are distributed in the center as follows: 2 in the restaurant, 1 in front of Pingo Doce, 1 in the entrance to Floor 2 (next to Lefties) and 1 next to the bathrooms of Floor 1.
Where are the bathrooms?
One of the ensuite toilets is located on Floor 1, next to the escalators. Another set, which includes family bathrooms and those equipped for the disabled, is on the 2nd floor in the restoration area.
Where are the Lost and Found?
Lost and Found are handled by the Customer Support Desk on Floor 2.
QWhat public transportation does the Viseu Forum provide?
You can use the Funicular at Rua Ponte de Pau (free transport) and the network of electric Mini Bus, which pass at Rua Moreira Pinto. At 200 m from Forum Viseu, there is also the trucking center which includes urban, intercity and express transport.

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